About Us

Giving support since 1809

Our charity was founded in January 1809. A group of Glasgow merchants and tradesmen living in Stirlingshire got together to found a Society to give practical and financial assistance to people in the former county boundary whose needs were greater than their own and who would otherwise have been destitute. Living conditions for many at that time were harsh, with no social security of any kind.


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Fighting Poverty

200 years later and people in our local communities are faced with the same problems. Poverty is a pressing social problem and in the main, those who apply to us for grants are living in poverty.

Helping Break Restrictions

Low-paid, unstable jobs mean more and more families can’t put food on the table. With costs of living on the rise, many are kept in a daily struggle to make ends meet, unable to think about a different future. And sometimes things happen that threaten to pull them under, insecure housing, losing a job, coping with a disability or leaving home to get out of an abusive relationship.


The stress that goes along with poverty creates mental and physical health problems. It is hard to break free from the restrictions our economy places on people.

Direct support to you

In any society that believes in justice and compassion, we share a moral responsibility to make sure that everyone has a decent standard of living and the same chances in life, no matter who they are or where they come from.


We are one of the few charities that can give financial support directly to people when they have nowhere else to turn. The values which underpin forthgiving are based on justice and compassion.

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