Due to ongoing policy discussions regarding our grants programme, no new applications are currently being accepted until further notice.

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Notes: Please read these before completing the Grant Application Form.

1. Applicants need to be aged over 16 and normally resident in the Stirling and Falkirk Council areas. A
beneficiary who is related to the grant applicant may be younger than 16 years.

2. The charity’s Trustees seek to give grants which will improve the quality of life for individuals from any
age group who are disadvantaged by social or educational need or disability and who are endorsed by a
carer, minister or social / health / community education worker.

3. Please note the charity does not give individual grants for:

• Medical treatment or medical research;
• Deficit funding or repayment of loans;
• Retrospective funding;
• Projects unable to start within 12 months;
• Distribution to third party organisations; general appeals and endowment funds or the relief of
statutory responsibilities.

4. The charity’s Trustees reserve the right to ask for a statement of financial need relating to the applicant
or his/her own family.

5. The charity’s Trustees reserve the right not to disclose their reasons for supporting or refusing an
individual application and to amend the charity’s grants guidelines at any time.

6. We recommend that you give brief answers to the questions on the application form.

7. As the charity’s Trustees meet in February, May, August and November the closing dates for applications
are 31st January, 30th April, 31st July and 31st October. Urgent grant applications may be considered
between meetings.


(Revised, September, 2019).


Please provide details for the questions below. A colleague may help you with this.

c) What items would be purchased with the grant? – please give detailed costs and include quotes. *

d) Do you have any other sources of financial help?

e) Are any other groups or organisations supporting you?

In order to raise public awareness of our work, we may publish short stories about successful grant applications. No details are given which might identify applicants. If you are successful in obtaining a grant, can we use your story.

Application Endorsement: We place special importance on an endorsement by a referee with a professional connection to the applicant. This may include additional information about the project or activity above.

Application endorsed by:

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